The Counseling Alliance of Virginia



Intensive In-Home Services

Is designed for children under the age of 18 who are:

  • At risk of being removed from the home or community.
  • Transitioning back into the community from an out of home placement.
  • Exhibiting significant difficulties in daily life due to emotional, mental or behavioral conditions.
  • Not helped by less intensive services such as out-patient counseling or therapy.

Parent/Guardian will need the following at the appointment:

  • Medicaid Card
  • Applicable School Records for the past 6 months
  • Records from other behavioral healthcare services your child has received
  • Juvenile Court Records if applicable
  • Any other pertinent information regarding the child’s conduct or habits.

Once the assessment is completed and your child is found in need of services please contact our intake department to begin services. If you need any assistance during this process please feel free to contact us.

CAVA will provide a team of clinicians to help families so children can remain in the home. Individual and family counseling, parent coaching and case management are used to support families and children.

In order to access services the parent and/or guardian must complete an independent screening /assessment (VICAP) through their Local Community Service Board.