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Mind Body Spirit

  • YOGA – an ancient healing practice consisting of a series of specific body positions, breathing exercises and relaxation that help promote physical well-being, mental clarity and a deep sense of calm.
  • REIKI – a non-religious, spiritual healing practice from Japan used to unblock stuck or clogged energy throughout the body, resulting in a feeling of balance and peace.
  • THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE – centuries old healing therapy that involves pressing, rubbing and manipulating skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments to various degrees depending on client need.  The benefits range from relaxation and stress reduction to lessening of pain due to injury or fatigue.
  • MINDFULNESS MEDITATION – a simple yet powerful technique using breath, a repeated word (mantra) or sound as focus to help quiet the distracting chatter, self talk and worry regularly circling in our minds.  Regular practice decreases stress and anxiety, while making room for clearer thought and priorities.
  • All of the Mind-Body-Spirit services assist clients on their journey of self discovery and growth with means to calm, relax, center, find balance, and heal on all levels of being.